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The Cheeky Anal Vibrator from Adam & Eve is unlike many anal toys on the market. It is smaller than most butt plugs and has a narrow tip to help with insertion. This anal vibrator is perfect for beginners wondering how to get into anal play. This anal toy is not too big and is just the right size to give you the pressure and anal stimulation you need.

This anal toy has different vibrating functions for you to customize your anal play and get the most out of your experience. The vibrator is made of silicone which my favorite material for sex toys because it is easy to clean and feels great! You’ll also be able to take the vibrator into the shower because it is waterproof!

If you’re new to anal sex or anal play, you want to get yourself relaxed first. A great way to chill out is in a nice hot shower or bath. After you’ve gotten relaxed, go ahead and turn the Cheeky Anal Vibrator on and go to work! This sex toy is also great to use during sex for added pleasure and double penetration!

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