The Portugal high commission offers investors a permanent residency after investments. The financiers must purchase a property that is worth five hundred thousand pounds or more. The Visa gives the investors free access to the EU markets. Apparently, there are reported cases of golden visa scam. This made most people to shun this program. To secure your investment, consider the following factors.

Relevant authorities The government is the one that started the golden program. This is because of the need of investments to create opportunities. The immigration department is in charge of managing the golden program. The government believes in making sure that this program is successful. Anything that will culminate in its failure is eliminated. This makes the program safe for the investors.

Investment There are no restrictions about the investments that an investor is supposed to make. The investors have the freedom of identifying lucrative industries in Portugal. You can choose to invest in real estate, or purchase shares in companies. The investments will not only benefit the nation only. The investor will stand a chance of making more profits. He/she can recover the capital investments.

Due process Before enrolling in the program, understand the process of getting this visa. The immigration department will share more regarding the process. They will reveal to you every detail pertaining to the immigration process. After knowing the program, you will judge if it is fraudulent or genuine. Such information will terminate the beliefs on the fraud reports.

Time for processing The period for processing the visa is very important for investors. If you really desire to trade in this region, you will want the visa faster. The government anticipates enrolling more investors. Thus, it has greatly reduced the processing time for golden program. This is aimed at encouraging more investors to take advantage of the program. The short process will not give room for delays.

Maintenance of the investment If you want to get a passport in the long run, you must follow the rules of the program. For instance, the government expects the investors to run their investments for at least five years. By this period, the investor will have aided in building the economy. Thus, it is wise to invest in a business that will last for five or more years.

Capital The program has a fixed amount of capital that foreigners are supposed to invest. However, it depends on the investment needed by the foreigner. Those that want to invest in property should invest at least 500,000 euros. Those that want to acquire shares should buy at least 1 million euro worth of shares. Based on your capital, you can procure an affordable investment.

Complaints Do not focus on the fraud reports being shared on the internet. Those are aimed at scaring people yet they are nor truthful. Consider if there are complaints from people that invested through this program. Currently, there is not complaint from any investors. All are beneficiaries of the opportunities the program has created for them.