A noble cause always gets affected by rumors and ill-wisher’s deliberate attempt to give it a bad name. One classic example is the fake Golden Visa fraud which is nonexistent and bears no connection with reality.

An investor always looks for golden opportunities to utilize his/her capital to profit more from it. This scheme was meant to improve economic condition of Portugal and other Schengen countries. One of the key benefits of this scheme is attaining temporary or permanent residence spending on the amount of time one spends in that country.

Golden Visa-What it actually is: To better the condition of terms of trade and balance of payment accounts, countries often raise open application to investors. While they invest, it becomes easier to attain the required employment levels. One of the main causes for the downfall of country’s currency is exceeding imports versus exports.

To deal with this adverse BOP account setup, countries prefer to allow foreign investors invest a part of their fortune in return for temporary/permanent citizenship. This scheme, in particular, allows investors to travel to any part of Europe with a single VISA. Additionally, they can allow shift entirely to that country with their family.

Portugal – The abode of transparent investments: As a long term member of EU, Portugal uses the same currency that other European nations do. Also, it won the award for best destinations thanks to its superior quality of living and abode of adventure and luxury. Golden Visa allows investors to dive right in and attain citizenship in return for furthering our investments.

In order to apply for the VISA, one should make a sound investment in properties, real estates or for cultural and educational institutions. Ownership of capital would be conferred on the investor once he/she makes the investment in full. Thus transparency is the key and there is no room for a fraud.

Care for Spanish investment? Like Portugal, Spain also comes under directives similar to Golden Visa. Sources opine that more than 60% of all GV applicants target Spain as their first choice. It is a haven to invest and there is always a possibility of high returns from Spanish companies.

In case of Portugal, it requires an investor to spend more than 500,000 euros on Real estates or double this figure in Spanish company shares. Additionally, there are business projects and public debt to invest in amount of which may exceed more than a million Euros.

Irrelevance of Golden Visa fraud: Portuguese and Spanish governments have pondered on the relevance and utility of this Visa. It has helped these countries attain more than 50% growth rate in 3 years. The chief aim of this Visa program is to better economic conditions and provide room for employment opportunities.

Thus investors are keener on investing their money for a noble cause and achieving citizenship in return. It also aids in working and business opportunities thereby creating room for social and legal safety. Plus, there are no visual circumstances of illegal means revolving around this Visa scheme. Hence one can infer without a doubt that Golden Visa fraud is baseless and fake. It is just a deliberate attempt to harm peace and harmony.