Massage is one of the oldest methods of folk healing and is still one of the main types of body care and treatment. Massage reduces muscle tension and pain, improves blood circulation and metabolism. Massage affects not only the skin, but muscles, but also improves physical and mental abilities as it improves emotional feelings and removes psycho-emotional stress. With therapeutic massage, it is possible to treat diseased parts of the body to reduce the progression of the disease, stop its development, or reduce the effects of the disease. Healing massage is combined with other treatments.

Back massage
During the procedure they body to body massage in west delhi the entire back from the neck area to the seated muscles. The procedure reduces pain and muscle tension, has a beneficial effect on the vertebral arthritis and ligament system. Increases flexibility and mobility of the ligaments, accelerates blood and lymph circulation. The procedure is a pleasant warm-up of the tissues and relaxation of tension.

Circumcision massage
During the procedure, the neck and shoulder are weighed. The procedure reduces pain and muscle tension in the shoulder. Blood circulation in the brain improves, feeling tired and feeling better.

Belts, cross section massage
During the procedure, the lumbar spine is crossed and seated muscles. The procedure is aimed at reducing back pain and muscle tension, improving metabolism and blood circulation.

Massage with aromatic oils
Aromatherapy has been used for body care and recovery for more than 5,000 years. During the procedure, a classical full body to body massage in delhi is performed using aromatic oils. The effects of oils can be very varied - from relaxing to exhilarating. Oils that penetrate the skin, strengthen the immune system and improve the functions of the whole body. Massage with aromatic oils creates emotional balance and body balance.

Body Massage with hot stones
The massage is done using warm stones, harmoniously combining various techniques - hand massage and stomach massage. Massaging hot stones acts on deep tissues, which accumulate tension and maximizes relaxation. Expanding capillaries, accelerating metabolism and blood circulation, which contributes to the excretion of toxins from the body. Neutralizes negative energy, smoothes out energy flows, and comes into harmony between body and spirit.