Aztec Oil & Gas Securities Sales Investigated by Peiffer Rosca Wolf Securities Attorneys on Behalf of Aztec Investors Aztec Oil & Gas, a company that organized several securities offerings for oil-and-gas programs, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Peiffer Rosca Wolf securities practice lawyers Alan Rosca, Joe Peiffer, and James Booker have launched an investigation into the sales practices of several securities broker-dealer firms that recruited their customers to invest in oil and gas securities offerings organized by Aztec Oil & Gas.

The Peiffer Rosca Wolf lawyers are investigating whether certain brokerage firms that recommended and sold Aztec Oil programs to their customers did so without first conducting adequate due diligence as to Aztec and its securities offerings. The law firm’s securities practice lawyers have already filed claims on behalf of Aztec investors against several brokerage firms that recruited such investors to invest in Aztec. They are seeking compensation on behalf of their clients from such brokerage firms as a result of those firms’ alleged failure to conduct adequate due diligence as to Aztec and its programs before recommending the Aztec Oil & Gas programs to investors.

The Peiffer Rosca Wolf securities lawyers are in touch with other Aztec investors and are preparing to file additional claims on their behalf, against other brokerage firms that marketed and sold Aztec investments. No allegations of misconduct are made in this news release about Aztec or its principals.

“Securities brokerage firms have a duty to adequately check new products before recommending such products to their customers,” said Alan Rosca, a principal of the Peiffer Rosca Wolf law firm who is overseeing the Aztec cases. “Public investors ought to be able to rely on their brokerage firms and investment professionals to conduct reasonable due diligence and vet new products they bring to their customers’ attention,” said Alan Rosca.

The Aztec programs at issue include Aztec Drilling&Operating LLC, Aztec Comanche B Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec XII-C Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec XII-A Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec XII-B Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec XI-A Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec XI-B Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec XI-C Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec XI-D Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec X-A Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec X-B Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec X-C Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec VIII-B Oil&Gas, LP, Aztec VIII-C Oil&Gas, LP.