The competition among venues to book clients has never been tougher. If a venue doesn’t have an online marketing strategy in place to increase exposure, it will likely lose out to other venues with a stronger online presence. In this post, we will discuss two things to consider in an online marketing strategy. We will also explain why having event management software is crucial to converting prospective clients after they have indicated interest.

Be Active on Social Media

Every venue should have a Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube profile, etc. Social media provides venues with the opportunity to engage with others and highlight what makes them stand out as a venue. They can post pictures and videos of their most recent events, highlight upcoming events, and include reviews and other information that prospective clients can review as they conduct their search. Venues with a larger budget can also try advertising on Facebook or Google to reach even more people and build a larger online community.

Get to the First Page

Many people look for venues for an upcoming conference or a business initially through a Google search. If a venue is not on the first page of a localized venue search, it will not likely be on their radar. A search engine optimization campaign is great way to move up the ranks and be seen online by potential clients looking for venues in their area. Venues can start an SEO campaign in-house or outsource to a marketing company if they don’t have someone with experience in SEO. Additionally, venues should try to get listed in as many business and venue directories as possible as well as any industry websites to increase exposure.

Getting Organized

While these and other marketing strategies will likely generate more interest and leads, venues will still need to convert those leads into sales. Event management software is the best way venues can stay organized throughout the process. Venues can utilize event planning software to manage all event logistics, including contacting a prospective client, designing the floorplan, registering attendees, invoicing the client, etc. Venues should review their current event management software to see if it is meeting their needs, especially if they expect to see increased levels of online traffic.