If you are suffering with urinary incontinence, please know that you are certainly not alone with your problem. Many people deal with some form of urinary incontinence. For some people, the problem has more to deal with the fact that they leak a little bit when they laugh or when they lift something heavy. This is called stress incontinence. Urge incontinence is a little bit different. That is an issue where you feel the sudden urge to urinate and often will not be able to make it in time. Some people experience acute issues and others experience one, the either, or both chronically. Let's say right off the bat that if you are experiencing urinary incontinence chronically, you should go to the doctor and see why. Some of the most common issues that cause urinary incontinence include overactive bladder and urinary tract infections. Pregnancy is a risk factor. Old age is a risk factor as well. In fact, age is the biggest risk factor for urinary incontinence. You should go to your doctor if you struggle with urinary incontinence on a regular basis to determine what might be the cause. If it doesn't occur frequently, it might still be advantageous to see what your doctor says. You may be able to correct the problem before it gets worse. When you see your doctor, you will likely be examined, have tests done on you, and have your medical history assessed. Once your doctor has had a chance to look over the results, he or she will be able to provide you with a plan on how you can improve your condition. It there is an underlying cause that could be fixed through medical intervention, this will certainly be an option. You may be asked to start doing kegel exercises, or undergo lifestyle changes to reduce your chances of getting a recurrence of incontinence. If your doctor says that you will continue to experience urinary incontinence, you may be asked to use incontinence supplies to help you maintain normalcy on a daily basis. Incontinence supplies will keep you dry and ensure you don't experience a rash or other side effects of leaking. You can even find incontinence supplies online to maintain your privacy.