Magento is one of the most widely used e-commerce providers out there as it is the platform of choice for 167 internet retailer Top 1000 retailers. So when news came out in early September that 5,000 Magento Open Source users were subjected to a malware attack, it was certainly enough to cause some worry in the e-commerce market.

The malware attack involved skimming malware that was used to uncover simple passwords. The malware was called MagentoCore and hackers are able to use it to compromise websites that run on Magento. Luckily, the attack only affected users who were running old versions of the platform and/or were missing patches.

As of this time, it does not look appear that Magento Enterprise customers were impacted, so merchants should rest assured that they were compromised. Still, Magento spokespeople say that it might be a good idea for its customers to get a virus scan to make sure their data isn’t compromised.

The Importance of Companies Investing in Secure Web Browsing We brought this up not to scare you, but to highlight the fact that there are hackers out there that are always trying to access confidential and private data from individuals and companies. The truth is that malware that gets into a corporate network could cause significant damage and compromise the network.

In order to ensure secure web browsing, enterprises should invest in a web isolation based security solution that prevents malware from entering the enterprise network without compromising the end-user experience. Web isolation based security solutions can execute all code designed ransomware, phishing attempts, and public web attacks in a disposable virtual environment.

Although it may be impossible to know where the next phishing or ransomware attack may occur, you do have options within your organization. We would highly recommend you look into a secure web browsing solution to ensure things don’t enter the enterprise network that may cause significant damage and/or lost data. The potential consequences are too dire to even consider risking it.