While some may dream of a day when autonomous machinery makes the world go ‘round, we aren’t there yet. Around the world today, men and women are currently running factories, plants and industrial facilities and controlling the machinery that makes our way of life possible. What allows these folks in interact with the tools they use on a daily basis are custom control panel manufacturers. That’s because these fabrication companies are available for consultation and construction; they’ll assess your needs and then build a control system design that exceeds those needs. Everything from diesel or hydraulic programmable logic controllers to waste water controls, dust collector controls and lighting controls can be addressed by custom control panel manufacturers. The question that those in need of a control system design will often ask, however, is what exactly can be controlled. We’ll answer that question in the blog so please continue reading to see how your industry can benefit from advanced machinery solutions.

When a production facility needs immediate and in-depth control of its lifts and multiple conveyor belts, it needs custom control panel manufacturers to design a control system. For example, one industry leader in control panel design was recently approached by a video game console manufacturer that needed to move pallets around between nine conveyor belt sections. Through surveying, designing, installation and testing, this control system design company was able to solve the video game company’s manufacturing needs. Those needs included sending pallets and packages between conveyor belt sections and levels. Should a hiccup in the process occur, the newly-implemented system could also alert supervisors to issues that need troubleshooting.

The control system that carries the instruments that make this operation and more possible is the product of on-site research, which is what clients get when they partner with industry leaders. The efforts leading up to new control panels is also loaded with examples of due diligence. Electrical drawings and safety instructions will be drafted while installation instructions are also created so the final steps will be seamless. When working with reputable custom control panel manufacturers, clients will also benefit from technical support that can help operators diagnose any unexpected issues. This offering typically lasts for the life of the control panel so there’s no need to worry about suddenly losing the ability to control your tools, machinery or other cogs in the production process.