So you decided to adopt a dog? Now what? The truth is that every dog is a little different and you won't know your dog's true personality until a few weeks in. The first thing you should do after you adopt is talk with the shelter. Were they feeding the dog a certain type of food. It's not uncommon for a dog to not eat a few days after they are adopted until they start to build trust with the new owner. Getting them the same food they were fed in the shelter might be the best way to get them to start eating as soon as possible.

In addition to that, you'll want to take your new pup to the vet as soon as you can just to make sure they are doing well health-wise. Although the shelter would have had a vet on staff, the problem is that the shelter only has so much money and time. There are just too many other dogs that need help. It's best to get your new pup to the vet, so they can be examined and given a clean bill of health. Many times, you will either need to prove you already have a vet or you will take your dog to a new vet before you are able to adopt.

Also, we would encourage you to go to a pet shop as soon as you adopt your dog, so you can get the supplies you need. Basic pet supplies will include a bowl, leash, collar, flea and heartguard medication, and training treats. In the future, you can get your pet and vet supply online, but you should probably do it in person the first time just until you can get a better idea of what your dog likes. The advantage of buying vet supplies online is that you can often save big because buying online eliminates the middle man. For some vet supplies, you may have to get a prescription, so keep that in mind.

If you have other pets, be sure to separate them from your new dog for the first few days. You should keep the new pup to a single room and introduce them slowly to the rest of your pets. When you do a meeting, be sure to make sure your new dog and any dogs you have are leashed so you can have full control in case things turn south. And remember to get your dog trained. It's not only for your dog's benefit, but for your benefit as well as you learn how to be the Alpha and maintain control of your pup.