Stress can be overwhelming at times, but it’s important to keep things in perspective and manage stress so that it doesn’t interfere too much with our daily lives. One of the biggest steps to take toward managing stress is being aware of your own stressors and stress relievers.

To promote stress awareness, April has been designated as Stress Awareness Month. In honor of this cause, Tristar Inc. Products review some of the most innovative stress relief products on the market in our latest Tristar Inc. reviews blog.

SPECTER Oligospheres (Brass Stress Balls) Stress balls are a common stress-relief item, but SPECTER Oligospheres are no ordinary stress balls. These are considered to be “a therapeutic work of art” according to the makers of this product. That’s because they are designed to stimulate many pressure points in your hands that help release stress, increase blood flow, and promote muscle health. Simply pick up the brass balls and rotate them in your hand to be on your way to feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Dreampad Pillow Getting plenty of peaceful sleep is crucial to stress management, and no pillow helps you achieve that quite like the Dreampad Pillow. Not only has this pillow been designed for ultimate comfort, it also specializes in stress relief because of its gentle vibrations and the relaxing music it plays. The music is so soft that only you can hear it and the gentle vibrations are intended to increase blood flow and relax your muscles while you sleep.

Soulstones Worry Stones Worry stones have been a longstanding staple of stress management, and Soulstones has taken this concept to the next level by designing the perfect handcrafted porcelain worry stones for your thumb. When you’re feeling stressed, simply rub your thumb across the soft surface of the stone and you’ll begin to relax. These stones come in a variety of colors and be bought in packs of seven, three, or as singular stones. Not only are these stones aesthetically pleasing, they are also each unique in the way they look and feel because they have been handcrafted by their creator.

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