A school is a place where the kids spend most of the time other than home. A proper school should not only have the best infrastructure, the best facilities, best teachers or professors but also should be best regarding its cleaning standards. As parents, we cannot compromise on children’s health. No doubt, everyone wants well-maintained schools. You can easily rely on SKT cleaning services. We are specialists in School Cleaning Services Dubai.

The important factors you should consider why you should our services:

• SKT is the best in Dubai. We have a specialized team to offer cleaning services in schools. We do not compromise on the quality. • We always use the best of the equipment, best of cleaning agents required. You can happily sit and relax and watch how our experts will handle the situation. • The cleaning agents are completely safe. No harmful chemicals or toxic substances used. You need not worry that it may ruin the health of your child. • We provide 24/7 customer support. We are here to assist you and clear all your doubts. • At SKT cleaning services, all our staff is well trained and have a dedicated team for School Cleaning Services. • We handle everything from the cleaning of classrooms, seats, the carpets, the prayer gathering halls, meeting halls. We are very particular in cleaning every corner in the bathrooms, the floor, the sinks, washbasins, the cupboards. • We are the trustworthy company based in Dubai. We are always at your doorstep, willing to serve according to your choice of date and time. We offer weekly cleaning services, monthly cleaning services and yearly school cleaning services.

We make sure that the schools are neat and tidy. All the premises are free from all insects, mosquitoes, bacteria and germs. We believe in the quality can proudly say we have delivered the best results to all our customers.

Feel free to reach us on our website www.sktcleaning.ae. For the best School Cleaning Services, you can also call us at 048804538 and reach Mobile: +971543231999. For further details, you can go through the social platform like Google, twitter, facebook and Instagram. You can also chat with our online assistance team for any doubts. Our operating hours are from Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our online team is always working for you and happy to serve you 24/7.