What sectors are you talking about? Is not this the first question you want to ask? We are referring the basic division of national economies in many countries into agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors. In different words, they are also referred to as primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.

The most fundamental concepts of macroeconomics – employment, GDP, inflation, trade (national and international) – cannot be studied without throwing light on the relation between these sectors of the economy on the national level. Macroeconomics assignment help services all over the country are discovering new texts and examples on a daily basis to take students as close as possible to the dynamics governing the rise and fall of activity in these sectors.

Agriculture: Economics

We, at Sample Assignment want to highlight at this point itself that in this blog the aim is to establish the effect each sector has on the other. In fact, they are so interdependent that they can be seen as various limbs of the same body. Hence, the aim here is not to study agriculture techniques. Of course, you can approach a macroeconomics assignment expert with the request to write an essay or paper on just this sector.

A classic example highlighting this interdependence is thousands of years old. It is the idea that any stable civilization is based on agricultural surplus. This frees certain members to work at other tasks which soon are developed into very highly evolved skills. Think of carpentry, metallurgy, etc.

However, presently, my aim is to highlight that the urban industrial economy relies on agricultural resources. And in return, the modern machinery developed in factories makes the scale at which agricultural is done and its produces’ transportation possible.

Industrial Complex

This is the most important sector of the economy, despite tough competition from the services and corporate sector. The reason is that it employs the maximum number of people in many countries. For macroeconomic assignment experts this is important for students because of the it not just producing consumer goods but machines and tools that further enable the very existence of service and agriculture sectors the way they do today.

Another reason for its importance is the extent to which it affects macroeconomic areas like employment and GDP. How so, you ask? This is because of the potential for streamlining operations and making them as efficient as possible has the greatest scope in manufacturing. Especially if the country is import intensive with regards to raw material. Is it any surprise that Toyota Production System, also Just-in-Time method was developed in Japan, a country with industrial skill but dependent on import of raw material? This in fact is a cherished example by many experts at macroeconomics assignment services and students similarly.


Last but not the least. In fact, it is the growth in service sector that increased the visibility of many economies on the world map. India is a case in point because of its IT and telecommunications sector. And, it is the one most susceptible to international forces. Hence, you should look for a really resourceful macroeconomics assignment service when asked to write on this area.