There are certain items in our house that can handle the regular cleaning process and at the same time, it cannot get cleaned as well. Here we are talking about piano, musical instruments, desks, some high-quality show pieces etc. All these things need extra care because they are purchased after paying a lump sum amount and if it is maintained properly it may start getting deteriorating. So in this situation apart from regular dusting make sure to opt for Soft Cleaning Services.

Here in this process, no harsh chemical of big cleaning equipments are not used. Irrespective of that some soft techniques and materials are applied; so the item is protected and at the same time it gets clean as well. It is also to protect the item from any wear-tear or if any damages are there it can be rectified.

What is the process of Soft Cleaning Services?

• Nozzle – In this process X-jet nozzle is used by inserting the cleaning agent into at and then putting pressure on the item to get it cleaned. Here the pressure is controlled as per the requirements. This process saves money and time at the same time. • Clever – This is a type of injector that is connected to the water supply source and then cleans. • Clever wash - This process boosts sodium hypochlorite that is a great factor when it comes to cleaning. • Snipper – It is also another kind of nozzle that is used from a distance to the item and the flow remains the same. Here there is no need for the ladder and can be used for long buildings as well.

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Don’t worry about your valuables as our team is handled only by experts and have experienced personnel only. Plus all our cleaning agents come from a branded company hence there will be no chance of your valuables getting damaged. Instead, you will find an utter shine and glory just the way you have purchased them. To book our services reach us out on our website or you can call us on the number given on the website. Our Soft Cleaning Services will not let you down.