Not everyone is aware of this, but summer can actually be one of the toughest times of year on silver jewelry. There are several things that factor into this, but there’s no question, your silver requires more care during the summer season. It’s not even a bad idea to invest in an anti-tarnish cloth during this time of year.

To help you take better care of your silver jewelry, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about silver care in the summer.

Can you wear silver in the shower?

Regular water will not hurt silver. It is completely OK to where you silver jewelry in the shower, but ONLY if it is of high quality. Partially silver jewelry or costume/fashion jewelry can consist of sterling silver with nickel plating, and that plating has the tendency to tarnish when wet, as well as discolor the skin.

Can you wear silver in the pool or ocean?

Although regular water is OK for high-quality silver, you should not wear your silver jewelry in any swimming pool or any other water that has been treated with chlorine. Likewise, the salt in ocean water can also be harmful to silver. Both chlorine and salt can create discoloration and tarnish. Also, keep in mind that cold water in a pool or ocean can cause your fingers to shrink a little bit, which might be just enough for a ring to fall off. It’s best to not wear any precious rings while in the water.

Can sweat tarnish silver?

The humidity and warmth of summer that causes us to sweat is not good for silver in its own right. When the humidity reacts with the copper in sterling silver it can create tarnish. But the lotions and other products we put on to protect us from the heat and sun, as well as the sweat our body creates are also harmful to silver jewelry by accelerating the tarnishing process. It is best to store jewelry in a cool, dark place that is not exposed to air.

Does sand affect silver?

Even if you’re more of the sunbathing type, you’re not exempt from silver care. Sand is very coarse and can cause scratches and abrasions on silver. If you want to keep your silver jewelry completely safe, it’s best to keep it at home when you go to the beach.