If you have read this blog before, you know that we are in favor of you selling your structured settlement annuity payments if you need to. There's no reasons to hold on to your structured settlement payments if you are in debt or need to take advantage of a new opportunity. These opportunities could include going back to school or investing in a real estate property. By selling your structured settlement annuity payments, you can take care of your present to secure your future. However, we will say it time and time again that you can only take advantage of a situation if you have a buying partner who will offer you a fair and legitimate offer for your structured settlement annuity payments. There are some annuity buyers that you might want to stay away from. It's just like any industry. There are good ones and there are bad ones. We wanted to take a second and provide you with information on what the good ones look like so you know which ones you can trust. Look for the following: A proven, verifiable reputation that includes a good BBB rating and stellar customer reviews

A company address and history that you can actually look up Calm and courteous customer service representatives who will not try to pressure you to sell

A transparent process where you are kept up to date on all information and when you should expect your money If you are dealing with a buyer who is pushing you to sell your structured settlement annuity payments or you just have a feeling that something is off, we would encourage you to look elsewhere.