Are you a restaurant owner who is constantly looking for ways to attract more customers? Here’s an idea.

I recently took a trip to Asheville, North Carolina and did my fair share of dining during my stay. Whenever I travel, I like to experience as much of the local cuisine as I can and blog based on my findings. But of all the restaurants in Asheville, NC, that I ate at, there was one that seemed to stand out above the rest, and for a reason I wasn’t expecting.

There was a rooftop restaurant in Asheville that had some of the nicest outdoor seating I’ve ever seen. The food was great but what really set this place apart was the atmosphere. Something about the fresh air hitting my face and a rooftop view of the beautiful southern city made it my most enjoyable meal of the trip.

So when I returned from Asheville, I did some more research on the effect outdoor seating can have on a restaurant’s business, and what I found was pretty interesting. But perhaps the most important piece of information I found is something that could help many restaurant owners increase their profits.

Recent studies have shown that having some kind of outdoor seating such as a deck, patio, sidewalk seating, or rooftop seating, can increase a restaurant’s revenue by as much as 30 percent. That percentage can even grow higher is the establishment is able to offer year-round outdoor seating.

There are many reasons why customers seek outdoor seating, especially during the summer, spring, and fall months. But most of the reasoning has to do with comfort. When the weather is nice outside, many people prefer that climate as opposed to the artificial lighting and temperature of inside a restaurant. Many guests even believe dining outside makes the food taste fresher and better.

So why not give your clientele more comfort and a scenic view while also boosting your revenue? If you don’t already have outdoor seating at your restaurant, it’s something you should definitely consider.