Be sure to check out the rich history waiting to be discovered in Asheville. Get an up-close look at America’s largest private residence by touring the Biltmore Estate. These specialty tours, which require advance reservations, take you inside the home of one of America’s greatest businessmen, George W. Vanderbilt. Biltmore Estate Tour After checking into one of the many fine Asheville, N.C., pet friendly hotels, you can experience many historical landmarks by just simply walking the streets of Asheville. Whether you’re taking in the Art Deco architecture that is prominent in the city or gazing at the Basilica of St. Lawrence, which has North America’s largest free- standing dome, Asheville’s storied streets are sure to impress. Asheville offers 90-minute walking tours that include an Asheville native, historian and storyteller to explain how the city came to be. Walking Tour A trolley tour can be a great way to take in all of Asheville’s historic landmarks. These iconic red trolley cars trek through Asheville’s most storied neighborhoods and serve as a throwback to when the city’s streets were filled with electric street cars. While buses eventually replaced this mode of transportation, the nostalgia of the era still lives on through Asheville’s trolley tours. Trolley Tour When the Biltmore Estate was constructed, Vanderbilt sought to create a grand entrance to his home filled with shops, housing and a beautiful cathedral. Biltmore Village remains a cornerstone of Asheville to this day and is a perfect tourist location for those looking to shop and brush up on 20th-century history. Village Tour This 1.7-mile urban trail was created by Asheville to showcase the city’s unique past. Each of the trail’s 30 stops has a public sculpture and plaque that signify an important person or moment in Asheville’s history. Urban Trail