If you’re planning on holding a conference, convention, or any other kind of event in Asheville, North Carolina, there are some things you should know before searching the best hotels in Asheville, NC, for the Asheville event space that’s right for you.

Picking the right venue is perhaps the most important decision an event planner can make. Of course there are other factors such as catering, entertainment, and other logistics, but it all starts with locking down a place to have your event.

When it comes to choosing event space, here are several factors that should be considered:

Budget: The cost of the event space is often the first factor you need to consider when making your decision. You should have a budget set out for your event and your venue needs to take up a proportional amount of your budget without hindering you in other areas of the planning.

Space: Make sure the room capacity for the space you’re booking meets your requirements based on the number of guests you plan on hosting. Also make sure the space you’re booking has the technical capabilities that you need like lighting, electrical, and A/V equipment.

Availability: This should almost go without saying, but obviously you must check to see if the venue you’re looking at has the dates available that you need for your event. If you’re flexible with the day and time of your event, it could make finding the perfect venue a bit easier.

Security: This factor can go overlooked at times but it is an important one. The guests at your event should be able to attend knowing that they are safe and secure. Does the venue have security personnel? Has the event space taken security measures like installing security doors? These are questions to ask before booking a venue.

Convenience: The event space you choose should be accessible to your guests and have easy parking. An all-inclusive event space should also be accessible for people with disabilities. Being close to a downtown area with a variety of entertainment and dining options is also a plus.