Every house has “that” room -- the one that’s too inconveniently located to serve as a bedroom or even a guest bedroom. It would be a crime to let it go unused or filled up with storage better suited for the basement. What’s a proactive homeowner to do then? If you’re the type who is frequently entertaining guests and want to give them something new to do, there are a few investments you can make that will turn heads and keep friends and family coming back. Similarly, those who spend a lot of time at home may need to find very practical uses for this extra room. From library shelves to a home entertainment center or virtual pinball cabinet, ways to put that spare room to use are as varied as the homeowner’s personality.

Taking care of business: With remote work becoming a reality for more and more Americans, the need to carve out an office-like atmosphere at home is a very real consideration. According to Forbes magazine, it’s crucial to “avoid feeling cramped while you work.” To accomplish this, “use two full walls but leave the others completely free.” Unless you want to spend Monday through Friday turning various coffee shops in your area into impromptu workplaces, that spare room may hold the solution to solitude required to log a full eight hours of tasks.

Tech heaven: At the other end of the spectrum, electronics such as a virtual pinball cabinet can convert that barren room into the new hot spot in your house. That’s because these interactive touch-screen devices boast hi-fi stereo sound, 47-inch or 42-inch displays, solid wood cabinet construction, a topper light and plenty of other bells and whistles. The games that can be played on this virtual pinball cabinet (which is everyone’s burning question) includes Jaws, Aliens and Star Wars games as well as offerings from Marvel. It’s enough to entertain guests of every background – plus you or other family members.

The right way to read: If we’re going to be honest, a book shelf in the living room is a conversation piece -- and little else. Everyone who walks by is going to give a glance and see what your interests. From the perspective of the homeowner, it’s difficult to muster the concentration required to pull a book off the shelf in one of the most heavily-trafficked rooms in a house and read page after page. Thus, why not relocate this shelf into that under-utilized room and convert it into a sanctuary for learning and solitude? The additional investment a comfortable reading chair is optional, but we’ll bet that it helps.