One of the main reasons why Maryland water damage restoration services are needed is due to flooding from flash floods. Unfortunately, flash flooding is most frequent right now, so home owners and business owners should keep this in the back of their mind. In this post, we will talk about why flash flooding is more common from late spring into summer, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Flash floods are characterized as rapid flooding in low-lying areas and are caused by significant rainfall in a very short time. 75% of flash flood reports are received between late April and mid-September. There are a number of factors, the Weather Channel says, that increase the likelihood of flash flooding in the warmer months.

For one, the air in these months is more warm and humid. Because there is typically more water vapor in warm air, there is the potential for more rainfall during thunderstorms and major weather systems. In addition to that, the jet stream weakens goes to the northern part of the United States. This causes storms to move much more slowly, increasing their rainfall potential. Also, you should know that a weakening, migrating jet stream mitigates cold front, which typically put warm, humid air away.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Home or Business from Flash Flooding? The United States Geological Survey estimates that flash flooding causes $6 billion in damage and kills roughly 140 people every year. In order to avoid disaster if you live in a low lying area prone to flooding, you should keep a few things in mind.

· Buy enough flood insurance as regular home insurance typically doesn’t cover flooding

· Build barriers around your property to stop floodwater from entering

· Make sure electrical and HVAC system are at least 12 inches above the ground

· Coat your walls with waterproof sealant

· Install water shields over your doors, windows, and other openings around your home or business

If you do experience flooding, please know that you should act as soon as possible and get Maryland water damage restoration services.