Are you living on the grid using solar panels? Sure you are using the sun to save money on bills and earning incentives set in place by the government if you switched to solar. But did you know that once the system goes down, all of your energy is just sitting there, not being used and you do not have the opportunity to sell back to the utility company. To keep things running smoothly, even during an outage, you should consider battery storage backup.

How Long Are You In The Dark?

According to Eaton’s 2015 Blackout Tracker report, of the 3,500 outages in the United States, the average outage was 49 minutes. It was also estimated by the Electric Power Research Institute almost 60%of power outages in the United States last less than five minutes. While homeowners aren’t left for long in the dark, this is still concerning.

Backup Power

If you are still concerned about losing power for an extended period of time, invest in solar battery storage. While your solar panels are collecting energy during the day, your solar battery storage system will charge your battery. As day turns to night, your solar battery storage system will continue to power your home, even if the grid you are attached to goes down.

Other Concerns

While having a backup system in place is a wonderful thing, there are some downfalls to be aware of. If there happens to be an outage and the battery is not fully charged, you will not be able to power your home as long as you would like to. Another disadvantage to be aware of is if you lose power due to weather conditions and the grid is still down the next day, your San Francisco solar panels or battery system won’t be able to recharge.