Writing is the commonest job taken by most college graduates. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. In normal cases, it requires constant practice, hard work and a lot of dedication to growing. In as much as it pays well and offers lots of freedom and flexibility to the writer, it also has its ups and downs. Most paper writing companies require writers to present papers in the correct and highly proficient English. The articles that are accepted by writing firms must be flawless with no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Some online essay writing service have so many writing opportunities for aspiring writers. However, they are very strict on quality and as such, to be on the safer side, ensure you have a grammar checking tool installed on your computer or phone.

Below, I have discussed three grammar checking applications, their features as well as their usefulness for professional writing work.

Grammar checking apps

Grammarly The Grammarly app is among the best applications that I know. It was developed by Microsoft corporation finest brains. Every time, the application is being improved to ensure that professors, students, publishers, writers and other users get the best experience. Throughout my entire writing career, I have relied on it to understand the areas with mistakes in my papers. It has exceptional grammar checker extensions which can detect over 99% of the errors in your essays and also offer the correct suggestions which can be used to fix the errors. In addition, the app is less glitchy and evasive when compared to other applications.


Creative writers and authors who are trying to catch up or learn their craft need this software. It is a wonderful text analyzer since it is designed to check repetitions, overused words and reveals patterns in texts and dialogues. Although it isn’t the most appropriate in detecting grammar errors and inconsistencies in punctuations, it offers the best feedback on content-related issues. In addition, it has a vast potential to enhance your writing through detecting sentences that require rewriting. It has the ability to point out areas with weak verbs and then suggest ways to fix them. Pro WritingAid comes with free versions and those that require periodic subscriptions. If you have little money or you intend to save, you can use the free version which will help you fix about 40% of the mistakes in your work.


In case you need a less costly alternative that can replace Grammarly, then WhiteSmoke will be your best choice. It just cost $ 9.95 and is designed to detect grammar errors, misspellings, poorly structured sentences, repetitions, wrong usage of words and plagiarism. The application comes with a concise report on all the errors found in your text. Despite the fact that it lacks some capabilities of authors’ favorite grammar checkers, the application is frequently updated, uses the text box technology, and it can be downloaded and used in smartphones.