Family BBQs, days spent down the shore, outdoor concerts, vacation getaways…these are just some of the many activities we look forward to in the summer. While you may be anxious to enjoy them, don’t neglect to be mindful of the safety of your jewelry. Although you should care for your jewelry year-round to keep it looking it’s best and prevent silver tarnish, summer calls for a little extra TLC. Have peace of mind this summer knowing your jewelry remains in top condition by following these care practices.

Keep it free from sunscreen, lotion and sprays, salt water, and chlorine: While body lotion, moisturizers, suntan spray, sunblock and bug sprays help protect your skin, they contain chemicals that can cause silver to tarnish. Salt water and chlorine can also damage precious jewelry due to the harmful chemicals contained inside. Watering jewelry in water also increases your chances of losing diamonds or gems. Remove your jewelry before applying any type of moisturizer and avoid wearing it when participating in any type of water activity.

Keep it out of direct sunlight: Sunlight can cause silver to tarnish. If you know you’ll be spending the entire day in the sun, it’s best to take your jewelry off.

Remove it when doing housework: Before dusting the house, cooking, or gardening, remove your jewelry to prevent contact with cleaning chemicals, food, and dirt. Removing it will also protect it from scratches, dents or other damage that may occur if you accidentally bang into something.

Take it off before participating in strenuous activities: This includes activities like sports and exercise. Depending on what your jewelry is made of, it may not be able to withstand sweat that follows. Sweat not only dulls the shine of the jewelry but can accelerate tarnish.

Travel with caution: What many look forward to in the summer is vacation. But, be mindful of your jewelry when traveling do that it doesn’t become damaged. Do yourself a favor and invest in anti-tarnish bags to prevent pieces from scratching each other during transport.

Clean it regularly: Keep your jewelry looking its best by cleaning it often with a jewelry cleaner or taking it to a jeweler to clean it.

Store it properly: When you’re not wearing your jewelry, store it at room temperature and in a clean location that is out of direct sunlight.