They say that summer bodies are made in the winter. While there is truth to this saying, that doesn’t mean you can slack off during the summer. In fact, good looking bodies are made all year ‘round, not just in a particular season. In an effort to stay healthy all year long, you also need to have the right clothing to make yourself comfortable. The capri shapewear that you wear in the winter to run may not necessarily be the same type of capri shapewear that you wear in the summer to do outdoor yoga. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a few essentials that you should have in your spring/summer fitness wardrobe.

Moisture-wicking clothing Whether you work out in the fall or the spring, sweat happens. Sweating is a natural sign of your body exerting energy and calories. No matter time of the day you work out in the summer, it’s bound to be hot. This means the amount of sweat your body is set to produce will more than likely increase. Sweating is fine, but it can also become uncomfortable if you’re not wearing the right clothing. Moisture-wicking socks, shapewear leggings, and shorts are essential items for summertime workouts. The moisture-wicking properties will prevent blisters, chaffing, and more uncomfortable ailments that can occur during a workout.

Two-tone windbreakers Of course a windbreaker is essential, but you’re probably wondering why you should specifically have a two-toned windbreaker. For two specific reasons:

Safety: Two-toned windbreakers stand out much better in the evening light than windbreakers of one color. As the weather is nicer for longer periods of time, it’s likely that your outdoor after work exercise will take you well into the evening, possibly the night time. Two-toned windbreakers, especially with reflectors, are much safer. Style: Spring and summer have some amazing color combinations. It would be a waste to not take advantage!

Breathable In addition to moisture-wicking clothing, you want clothing that is also breathable. Some people still like to wear long sleeve shirts while they go for evening runs in the summer. Breathable fabric on your workout tanks, shapewear camisoles, and other fitness tops prevents you from feeling restricted in your movement and enjoy a much more comfortable workout. Don’t let poor fashion decisions prevent you from having a successful workout. Stock your summertime fit closet with items that fall into these three essential categories and you’ll be set.