Guava is associated with every individual’s childhood, especially those memories with climbing on the guava trees and having guavas with a pinch of salt! Yummy! However with growing global warming and reduced number of trees and plants, guava trees are generally not seen around much. Even if you have, the quality of the fruits has degraded. But don’t worry!

The trusted and pioneer guava fruit drink manufacturers will help you with the fruit drink from fully grown and ripe guavas straight from organically grown trees far in the fertile lands! There are some brands which use chemicals and artificial flavours to bring forth the flavour of guavas. These actually bring severe health problems and take a toll on the physical and mental growth of kids and the youth.

So it is advisable to consume these guava fruit drinks from the trusted and experienced manufacturers and exporters only so that you don’t compromise on your kid’s health and also get genuine guava fruit drinks with a delicious taste. Before you grab on a bottle of guava fruit drink, there is more you need to know about these amazing healthy fruit juice which happens to be every individual’s favourite across all age groups.

Manufacturing Process of Guava Fruit Drinks
The manufacturing process commences with the collection of natural and full grown guavas. However some manufacturers add artificial ingredients which bring the flavour of the guavas to beat the hassles of collection and cost of original fruits!

Not sure which ingredients they use but coming to the original fruit drink, the ripe guavas are crushed and their juices extracted and processed with frizz, colour and other ingredients to ensure they stay safe in bottles for quite a long period of time. There is a dedicated team who work on the processing to packaging, sales and continuous improvement in the products to ensure you get the best and crave for more!

It is important that the machinery used in the processing and manufacturing and exporters of fruit drinks are neat and clean and devoid of grease and rust. Also, the peeling of the fruits is also taken into consideration. It is also essential the machinery uses superior technology to crush and grind the products so that the fluid is absolutely smooth without any peel extracts or pulp in it. This will ensure a perfect combination of good quality, smart packaging and delicious taste!

Sizes – You can grab these guava fruit drinks to freshen up your mood and revive your taste buds at bottle sizes 165 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml and 2000 ml. So grab the one of your choice and pamper your taste buds.

Why should you consume Guava fruit drinks
Guavas are known to strengthen our teeth ever since! But they have a number of health benefits part from the dental care. Especially for kids, mothers find it difficult to take care of their nutritional component owing to their whimsical and changing taste preferences towards the unhygienic and oily foods. However they do prefer to have these fruit drinks. Coming to guavas, it is good news for moms as guavas help with Vitamin C content, eye sight, stronger nervous system as well as healthy skin and hair.

Grab a bottle and start sipping in the healthy and yummy guava fruit drinks!