The Stacy Zallie Foundation is extremely excited to announce a renewed partnership. By building us a newly optimized website that features responsive design, our foundation will be able to reach more women in need through the Internet than ever before. With our new and improved site, users can now access our information from a wide range of devices — tablets, smartphones, and desktops — with easy reading and navigation. This is huge when it comes to reaching our target demographic. If a younger person can’t view a website on their mobile device, they aren’t running to their home computer to do more research. They are simply off to the next site and we lose an opportunity to get our message across. Now, they see a fresh website that is easy to understand and within seconds they know they have arrived at a valuable resource. Beyond being able to be viewed and read on mobile devices, our new site has been optimized to rank on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for targeted keyword phrases. By optimizing the site in the proper ways, more targeted traffic will visit our website on a daily basis. By targeting women who may be in the same position as Stacy Zallie was years ago, we can impact more lives in a positive way. Optimization practices will include but are not limited to media outreach, a running blog, adding fresh content on our pages and an enhanced presence on social media. Media outreach will include pitching stories to some of the top journalists in the industry to further expand our message. Blogs will provide a resource that women can visit anonymously or actively engage with. Finally, a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will ensure we can respond to questions and any other comments in real time. We will also increase our visibility by growing our follower base and writing engaging posts that will connect with our core audience. The new responsive design will keep resizing, panning, and scrolling to a minimum for an optimal viewing experience. Once a person in need or a person who has a family member in need reaches , there will be a plethora of resources at their disposal. Beyond the story of Stacy, we continue to be partnered with Abortion Changes U who provides great information for the site. We also have added Heartbeat International and Option Line as well as Concepts of Truth and which will enable us to offer 24/7 help lines for those who need someone to talk to in their time of need It’s exciting that women who have struggled with the decision of ending their pregnancy will more readily be able to find a caring, non-judgmental resource through our foundation. Our goal is for our website to act as a Post-Abortion Comfort Portal that offers compassion, education, understanding, and resources for women and their loved ones.