If you are looking for an inexpensive way to photograph your merchandise, than we have the perfect solutions for you. Hi there, my name is Jules, owner of Jules Marketing & Design. We are a Toronto Product Photography company.

You know, the purpose of any product shot is to give the customer the information they need to make a buying decision. Therefore, a good product shot does not always have to bode perfection. Many of my Clients simply want a clean product picture at a great price.

For a business with a big product photography requirement and a limited budget, we offer a terrific bulk product photography solutions.

Bulk product shots differ from conventional ones in that the background is over exposed and the foreground is correctly exposed. The net result is a clean product shot on almost pure white. As our production requirements are less, we pass these savings onto you.

The Bulk product photography service we offer is highly customizable to match our customer’s needs. This solution is best suited for catalog type application. The price per image ranges from about $5 to $10 per photo. Subject to your requirements, the file can be named, edited and cropped to any ratio you specify.

Bulk product photography is best suited for orders of 70 or more images. The heart of this offering is economies of scale; small orders will not largely cost-benefit from this solution. The more images you require, usually the lower the cost per photograph.

For the greatest savings, we offer this service in studio; however, we do offer on-location service at a surcharge. Our office is located near the DVP and Eglinton in Toronto Canada.

I am really excited about this product. It is really is a high-value way to show your merchandise at a very low price.

I think the bulk product shots we offer is the best quality and value in the city as far as product shots go. The images are clean, consistent, and the colours are very accurate. It is suitable for fashion, merchandise or food photography.

For your next product photography project, give us a call.

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My name is Jules Oille and I look forward to earning your business.