The video above shows a great list of the top ten arcade games of all time. A lot of familiar titles like Frogger and Galaga, but you will also see more modern titles like Star Wars trilogy. One thing this list got us thinking about was just how much we love gaming in the first place. Each game provides a unique opportunity to get lost in a whole new world. There are few things that cut out stress more than an authentic gaming experience.

Many gaming enthusiasts only have the outlet of their local bar to break away to enjoy an authentic gaming experience. If you love gaming and have thought about buying an arcade machine but are worried about the cost, a multi-game arcade machine is definitely your best bet. A multi-game arcade machine allows gamers to maximize their dollar and their fun by allowing the opportunity to enjoy a number of classic titles. Distributors of these machines are updating them to feature all different types of gaming combinations. This allows everyone to find the games that they grew up playing or the games they always wish they could try their hand at but never got the chance to.

The best part of being a multi-game arcade machine owner is your home quickly turns into the hot spot for family and friends to visit. You can forget about being bored on a weekend night looking for things to do. You can have tournaments with your buddies or just challenge your personal high score - and because you own the machine - you'll never have to worry about running out of quarters.