How to make a script for your wedding day

Planning a marriage is really a challenge. The wedding day must absolutely run smoothly. A script or wedding planning is, therefore, the perfect tool for a carefree wedding day. But how do you prepare such a scenario?

Wedding day script

With a script, your wedding day runs smoothly

It would not be the first time that a bride in a Bridezilla changes because something goes wrong. With a script, you are 100% sure that everything is planned to the last detail and you can shine the whole day without having to worry!

After all, in your scenario, you list all the activities and parts of the day, whether or not supplemented with contact details and notes. This gives you a complete overview of the day where you can check after hour - or even minute after minute - what needs to be done.

Can we give you a little tip? Prepare the script together with a Destination wedding planners in Udaipur or good friend and also make that person responsible for following up the planning. You have to enjoy your wedding day and not delegate all the time.

Practical tips for a carefree wedding day Make clear agreements with make-up artists, hairdressers, the caterer, the DJ, the photographer, ... In short, all people who play a role in the course of the day. For example, they can also tell you how long it takes to make up your face, how much time is needed for your haircut, how long it takes to drive from your home to the wedding place, and so on. This way you can then draw up a watertight planning.

Try to specify a timing for each activity on that basis. Also, allow a few minutes margin if you are delayed somewhere.

State phone numbers, addresses and other useful information in the script.

Do not forget to book your DJ and possibly make a backup.

A master of ceremonies or wedding planners knows perfectly how a successful marriage should go and is always prepared for the worst. Do you really want to be 100% satisfied? Then a wedding planner is definitely recommended.

The official marriage usually takes place in the morning, while the temple wedding takes place in the afternoon. So think in advance what you are going to do in the meantime. This moment can be used to make some wedding photos or for a cozy lunch with the family and closest friends. Obviously, include this in your planning.

Finally, we will give you another example so that you can get started yourself. Good luck!

7am - Get up

7:30 am - Hairdresser and make-up artists

8:30 am - Photographer arrives

8:45 am - Groom arrives with the bridal bouquet Departure towards town hall at 9 am

9h15 - Arrival city hall

9u30 - Ceremony

10.30 am - Departure towards city park for wedding photos

12.30 pm - Lunch with family and friends

2.30 pm - Departure to church for church wedding

4 pm - Photos to the church/temple

4.30 pm - Departure to the party room

5 pm - Reception of guests

17h to 18h - Reception

18u15 – Dinner

20h - Cutting the wedding cake

8.30 pm - Party!

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