I've been programming for longer than I can remember. Many of my old projects have been lost to the sands of time, but a few yet remain. My most recent projects are the ones that I'm the most proud of, and you can find more details about then below. I built all but one of these projects by myself from the ground up.

Pricer Pro

Originally intended to compete with CamelCamelCamel and other established Amazon price trackers, Pricer Pro has since pivoted into being a general affiliate marketing website. Pricer Pro is a profitable website that showed me I could have a future as professional web developer.

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I couldn't find a simple blogging platform with the features I wanted, so I made my own. Features include the following:

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BarStack answers the question, "What should I drink tonight?" Tell it the ingredients you have on hand (liquor, mixers, etc.), and BarStack will tell you what you can make. It'll also suggest ingredients to buy to maximize the number of recipes you can make.

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Open Hardware Hub

A place for people to post open-source hardware projects including source code and all documentation needed to reproduce their projects. My friend Daniel Yang did most of the development, and I provided the ideas and direction for the site. This was the first project that exposed me to Ruby on Rails.

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Photo by Christopher Gower