Furniture can be referred to anything that gives support to different bodily postures. Furniture supports bodily positions like sitting, reclining, sleeping, standing etc. If we look back in the past, furniture has been in vogue since the beginning of civilisation. The discovery of the figurine of Venus in Russia sitting on a piece of furniture goes on to prove that furniture have existed since a long time. The stone seats found in ancient Rome in the ancient eateries known as ‘The Thermopolis’ go on to prove that furniture have been in vogue in ancient Rome also.

The word furniture is derived from the word ‘fourniture’. Fourniture in French means provisions. Furniture can be made of teak, wood, metal etc. Furniture nowadays, serves lot of purpose. They are meant both for office spaces as well as homes. Example of office furniture is office partitions and reception furniture. Office Partitions and reception furniture give an aesthetic look to the office cabins. Let’s look back briefly how the concept of furniture evolved over time.

In Egypt

The early civilisation in ancient Egypt was based on the banks of the river Nile. The civilisation was basically based on agriculture. The Egyptians made furniture out of materials such as leather, silver, ivory, ebony etc. Wood found was imported from other countries. This helped in making some good quality furniture.

Ancient Greece

The discovery of various paintings and relics show that in ancient Greek furniture was made from metals, marble or bronze. A technique that was common was constructing the furniture with solid wood and applying veneer on top of it. Wood was imported from outside. Another important aspect of Greek furniture was construction was made using tenons and dowels. Wood carving was an important thing that separated Greek furniture from rest of the world.

Early 18th century

In England fashion to a great extent was influenced by French art. Most of the furniture used to made of metal or marble and other stones. They used to be beautifully carved. The Greek and Roman culture also influenced it to a great extent.

Early 19th century

In the early nineteenth century, furniture design to a great extent was influenced by Gothic, Neoclassicism, etc. They were heavily influenced by the arts and crafts movement and aesthetic movement.


Various artists worked towards developing new modern styles when it came to furniture designs. Danish modern designers such as Finn Judhl, and Arne Jacobsen contributed to modern evolution of furniture. The pop art movement also influenced this style.

Eco designs

Nowadays, furniture is being made which have high sustainability known as ecodesign. This line of furniture is created keeping in view of the environment. Their popularity has increased over the years.


Asian furniture has distinctive design. They are mainly made of wood or bamboo. India, China Korea has a distinctive trademark of making furniture. The furniture made is simple, but highly durable. Japanese work such as Tansu is created of elaborative iron work.

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